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Looking to buy Christmas gifts

Gifts from past years, any I'll buy. roblox user is ZZCACAC

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I recently got banned and i am starting from scratch, anyone able to give me details on a way to get good modded sawmill or able to help ingame? user: chhhandler

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3 items willing to buy

willing to buy 06 in full context, bobily wobily and green ball ask me on wiki blog or dm me @ boye#7340

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Anyone willing to hire me?

Hey as soon as I get home today you can hire me, I can get a lot of wood.

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I want to buy a "chiken axe"

I really want to buy one or multiple s my one got somehow glitched and I couldn't pick it up when I relogged it was gone so I would be grateful if someone would be able to sell it to me will buy for a good price as it was there last christmas

Would u sell it to me? !_!
  • yes as im a good person
  • im a jerk and no
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What should i build?

I need help with ideas, cause i have no idea what to make.

Give ideas in replies.

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Need Help/Advice

I want to get the power, and I need help on the quickest way to get 10 million

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Buying Purple Pumpkins

I need like 10, reply with your username and I'll add you.

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Hiring Workers

I'm hiring workers to supply wood and sawmill. We will decide on a price.

Discord: Grinderred#1511

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All my lumber tycoon progress reset

I crashed while reloading my base, to my dismay, I found out that everything but my money was gone. Is there a way to get it back?

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Selling modified Lava Wood for 100k

Jimk#1657 ~ Discord

jimk22 ~ roblox username

I am selling a pretty big piece of modified lava wood for 100k. Here is a picture

and depending on my mood I may or may not give you a discount.

Gyazo Gyazo
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Buying Anything Boxed

Msg me on roblox - ign: SeptOh

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Buying all axes

Discord Grinderred#1511

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Pink candy bar for sale! (HOLD!)

Starting bid: 500.000.

Name your Discord and the price you want it for!

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Looking to buy 5-10 eyes boxed for around 50k-100k

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Looking for pink truck full of eyes

IM LOOKING TO BUY (not selling) a pink truck full of eyes for around 500k to 2 mil if interested dm me on discord BrokeWing#0739 

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Now when i know what i should build... but where? Tell me please!

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