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Looking for pink truck full of eyes

IM LOOKING TO BUY (not selling) a pink truck full of eyes for around 500k to 2 mil if interested dm me on discord BrokeWing#0739 

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Now when i know what i should build... but where? Tell me please!

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Selling "Pineapple" for 1.5 million.

i do not understand how no one actually wants something for 900k cheaper. its. damn. cheap. save 39%

smh just buy it i need a new lambo

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selling random stuff.


i can sell u pineapple, bold and brash, some eyes, green pumpkin and pink candy etc.

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I stole someone's axe but I caused them to fight.

someone's axe i was able to grab i hid it into my base but 2 players fought about it that 1 player stole his axe. i am so evil.

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im buying beta,fire and alpha for under 15k chicken and bees axe for 10 k and for the end time 20 k

just put you're name bellow and the prices and also add me :) my name in roblox is NumerousCarl2 and also if it is boxed il raise it 10-15k

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Pink Candy Sale

join my discord if you want to buy. Click this link.

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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Should i make some fences for my wood

I got some pretty good wood in my base and i wonder if i should make a wall around it or if i should make a nice looking cell with glass on it, or basically do nothing

Look up
  • Do nothing and let people steal my wood
  • Treat my wood like cows and put them in a fence
  • Do a nice cell with glass panels for the wood
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Looking to buy eye balls.

Discord: Grinderred#1511

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[STILL GOIN' ON] Buying yellow Bighead.

ill pay 15k for it.

send a friend request if u wanna do the deal

VukBogdan's Profile
VukBogdan's Profile ROBLOX
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Selling Wood

All of the below

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Looking for a job.

I can do anything. You name it.


Edit: My computer wouldn't start up, sorry. All fixed now.

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buying pink candy

I am buying pink candy 5 for 250k or 50k each join me or friend me directly my ign: kittyjunk

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Searching a job

Hello! Right now, im searching a job for good earnings. I can cut wood and supply. The better wood im going to cut, the more it will cost. PM me on discord if you want an employee to cut wood or supply for one time. Also sorry for bad english.

DISCORD: Fliiint#9496

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Selling Alpha Axe

Selling the alpha axe for 10k boxed

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