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• 10/28/2016


Hey I just got scammed by philmer3211 and I lost 23K is there anyone who can help em out here my username: BAshguy123321 (Thats username for Roblox)
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• 10/29/2016
You can put him on the scammer poster of the wikia, otherwise there isn't much you can do
• 10/30/2016
i saw him in my last server with over 900k, he tried selling somet and the dude told me he got scammed,
• 10/30/2016
If you ever get in another server with him report him.
• 10/31/2016
geez yeh i got scammed from him to 30k for big spooky wood someone report him plz and try to get my 30k back
• 11/1/2016
AHA! Philmer tried to scam me for 2 blocks of spook wood and said he would give me palm wood. It was actually white wood, Luckily i didn't fall for that. Next time i see him ill DEFINITELY report him
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