I have a new shop called LBay, this is a shop that sells rare axes, gifts and other items. The shop also has items from the furniture store, boxed cars, and links logic so there is no need to cross the bridge or the ferry for these items, they are all at original prices. Axes currently in stock include - Standard axes, End times, Beta, and Candy. I did have both ruckiry and fire, but I died with mine and needed replacements. Vehicles in stock are - Standard vehicles, Standard Trailers, and A Sleigh. Other rare items in stock include - one unboxed purple pumpkin, 3 boxed green pumpkins, and one unboxed green pumpkin. I am willing to discuss prices, but i will not sell under the original price. I also have the basic sawmills in stock. IGN - BluePixelStarz, add me as a friend and private message saying that you are interested.