This feature has been retired. Thanks for ALPHA testing!

This item is no longer purchasable from stores, but can be obtained through other players.

Alpha Axe of Testing
Unboxed Boxed
Location Wood R Us
Cost Was $500 Money
Damage 1.5
Range 8 units
Swing Cooldown 0.65 Seconds
In-game Description
"Thanks for ALPHA Testing the game!"

The Alpha Axe of Testing, also known as the Alpha Axe, is one of the two Axes in game to be added and then later removed when the stage ended. It is highly valued, even up to this date, as only very few players legitimately bought it during the Alpha Testing Stage.


The Alpha Axe has a white handle, its symbolic pink strap, and a worn, pink blade. Its box is very different to other axe boxes, as it does not contain an image of the axe inside it. It spells out ALPHA AXE with a lighter color of pink.


The Alpha Axe's box, that contains the axe, was previously purchasable in the Wood R Us store for $500 Money. After the game left the Alpha Testing Stage, the box was moved to the Retirement Stand when the game transitioned into Beta Testing, which made the axe non-purchasable from the store. The axe's box was then removed from the Retirement Stand and was replaced with the Beta Axe Box after Beta Testing ended.

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