This feature of the game has been retired. Thanks for ALPHA Testing!

Alpha Axe of Testing
Unboxed Boxed
Location Wood R Us
Cost Was $500 Money
Damage 1.45
Range 8 units
Swing Cooldown 0.65 Seconds
In-game Description
"Thanks for ALPHA Testing the game!"

The Alpha Axe Of Testing, also known as Alpha Axe, is one of few discontinued Axes in Lumber Tycoon 2. It has a white handle with a symbolic pink strap. The Alpha Axe sports a worn, pink blade.

The Alpha Axe is slightly stronger and faster than the Beta Axe and slightly less effective than the Rukiryaxe. It is regular for long-time players to have one on display. The only way the player can obtain one of these is through purchase from another player.


The Alpha Axe was previously obtainable in the Wood R Us for $500 Money. After the game left the Alpha Testing Stage, the Alpha Axe was moved to the Retirement Stand and the game transitioned into BETA testing. The Alpha Axe box was removed from the Retirement Stand and was replaced with the Beta box after BETA testing ended.


The Alpha Axe can no longer be purchased as it was removed from Wood R Us. The Alpha Axe was removed from the Retirement Stand in early 2016. However, many users are willing to sell these axes to players, which has unfortunately resulted in mass duplication of it; the player can, therefore, expect to purchase it for relatively low costs, though they must be wary of scams.

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