Unboxed Boxed
Armchair ArmChairBoxed
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost $130 Money
Type Furniture Item
Usage Decoration/Chair
In-game Description
It's a chair for your arms.

The Armchair, used primarily for decorative purposes, is a type of furniture item purchased at Fancy Furnishings for $130 money. This chair seats 1 player.

Boxed, the chair is roughly 3 studs tall and roughly 5-7 studs long, making it unusually shaped compared to it's unboxed counterpart. During earlier stages of LT2 when loose items had a weight factor, this was one of the heaviest boxed items in the game, next to the other chairs, and the boxed Twin Bed. Unboxed, the chair sports rounded sides that display a creamy color that is comparable to the interior color of Oak Wood, along with four black pegs on the bottom of the chair for decorative purposes.

The Armchair's primary function is to allow players to sit in it. In earlier versions of Beta, this seat would damage (and potentially kill) any non-whitelisted players.

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