"Guys Lumber Tycoon 2 is really just a bunch of economics and behavior experiments, sorry." ~ Defaultio [source]

Scamming has been a prevalent issue in Lumber Tycoon 2 since it has been created. This is due to the loose (and for the most part, unintentional) ability of trade in the game.

Why It Happens

Scamming is possible because there is no way to trade any item for money, etc. at the same time, while making sure that the other side does not revoke their offer after the other has already given.

For clarity, here is an example:

1. Player 1 is interested in purchasing an object from Player 2 for $500 Money.

2. Player 2 delivers the object to the other's land, and drops it. They ask that Player 1 provide the money before they whitelist them.

3. Player 1 sends the money to Player 2, however, they take the object back to their own land, and leave the server, along with the object and the $500 Money.

If Player 2 instead whitelisted the customer first, they could have taken the object and left the server without paying. Thus; there is no completely safe way to trade in LT2 - as the game is not designed to deal with that.


Here is a list of precautions you can make to avoid getting scammed. While they might not be entirely helpful, it may lessen your chances of being scammed if you are intent on making trades.

1. Avoid public server deals. If someone asks to make a trade in a public server, decline. There is no way to know if a random user is a scammer or simply someone looking to make a trade.

2. Trade with only those you know. This plays along with precaution #1; if you have not made successful trades with a user before, or if you have not known them for any extent of time, don't make a trade with them.

Remember - there is NOTHING you can do if you have been scammed.

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