This page is a simplified list of all axes that have ever existed. If you want to fully understand the functions and history of an axe, please go to their respective pages.

Axes are tools which are used to cut trees. Since axes are tools, they can be dropped by pressing the backspace key. They will also be dropped when the player resets or dies by any other means, such as falling into lava in the Volcano or death by Chop Saw. But if the player falls and dies in the part destroy limit, the axes will remain in their inventory (so long as it was not held out during the fall). When the player is killed, they will drop their axe and it will emit sparkling effects. Only the axe's previous owner or people he/she has whitelisted can pick it up.

Standard Axes

These axes are standard axes that you can buy and obtain from Wood R Us, as well as other user's custom shops.

Basic Hatchet

The Basic Hatchet is the first axe in the game. It is the starter axe for every player, however, it is very slow in speed and it takes up to ten hits to subdue even an Oak Tree. It is dark grey in coloration and has the signature dark yellow band at its handle. The basic hatchet also replaced the stone axe.

You cannot cut some elm trees with this axe.

The axe can be found and bought at the Wood R Us store. It is the most common, and as well cheapest axe in the game. It is located on the shelf closest to the front desk.

Price: $12

Chop Size: Tiny

Chop Speed: Slow

Rarity: Very Common

Plain Axe

The Plain Axe is the second axe in the game, it is generally cheap, like the Basic Hatchet, and can be obtained by anyone with $90.
The axe can be found at the Wood R Us store, it is the second most inexpensive axe in the game that anyone can get, including newer players.

Cost: $90

Chop Size: Small

Chop Speed: Slow

Rarity: Common

Steel Axe

The Steel Axe is purchasable at Wood R Us for 190 Money. The axe is not seen very often because many players decide to skip buying the axe.

The Steel Axe is found exclusively in Wood R Us. It is located on the same shelf as the Basic Hatchet and the Plain Axe.

Location: Wood R Us

Price: $190

Chop Size: Normal

Chop Speed: Normal

Rarity: Easy to get, infrequently seen

Hardened Axe

The Hardened Axe is the 'second best' axe in the Wood R Us store. It has a cost of 550 Money. This axe is a generally good starter axe. The majority of people use it due to its positively dramatic differ in price and
chop rate. Aesthetically, people may rate this as a unique design because of the turquoise band and shiny blade. Many use this as a substitute axe for dangerous attempts, such as glitching to the Sand Islands or doing the Volcano Obstacle. This axe is obtainable at Wood R Us. It is located on the shelf behind the Wood Dropoff. There are usually 2 boxes on the shelf at a time.

Location: Wood R Us

Cost: $550

Chop Size: Moderate

Chop Speed: Moderate

Rarity: Common

Silver Axe

The Silver Axe is a featured axe in Lumber Tycoon 2 that replaced the Beta Axe of Bosses.
It is available at Wood R Us, being the best axe that you can buy at the store.

Location: Woods R Us

Cost: $2040

Chop Size: Large

Chop Speed: Fast

Rarity: Common

Special Axes

Special Axes are collectable axes that are rare and most of them are unobtainable through regular means of purchasing. They are thrown into the marketplace board. You can buy them among players, but due to duplication methods, these axes are becoming less rare by the minute.

Alpha Axe of Testing

The Alpha Axe of Testing is a rare axe. It has a white handle with a symbolic pink strap. The Alpha Axe has a worn, pink blade (it is unknown if the pink is supposed to be painted or if it is the actual material of the Axe).
The Alpha Axe is slightly better than the Beta Axe and slightly less effective than the Rukiryaxe and the End Times Axe and is uncommon (due to it going off sale.) It is common for long-time players to have one on display.

The Alpha Axe can no longer be obtained, as it was removed from Wood R Us. Before, it was obtainable If you went to the far right corner, and slip between the two sawmills where you sell wood and go towards the direction of the store you will see the Alpha Axe box. But you have to grab it quickly and pick it up before you die. Because it is just like in the volcano, you lose health the longer you're in there, except you lose it faster than in the volcano. The Alpha axe was removed in its retirement stand as of early 2016. However, many users are willing to sell these axes to players, just be aware of the risks when buying. It would also leave a message saying "Thanks for ALPHA testing the game!"

Cost During Alpha Testing: $500

Chop Size: Large

Chop Speed: Fast

Boxed Rarity: Insanely Rare

Unboxed Rarity: Very Rare

Beta Axe of Bosses

The Beta Axe of Bosses, often simply referred to as the 'Beta Axe' was purchasable at Wood R Us for $1,100.
It was removed after the Beta Stage closed, similar to the Alpha Axe when the Alpha Stage closed. Like the Alpha axe it comes in a stylized box, the Beta Axe has a blue equivalent entitled "BETA AXE".

This axe is distinguishable by its blue band and the handle's dark finish. It has a fairly decent cut-rate making it a decent axe for the money. The Beta Axe is good for a many of the tougher jobs, such as cutting lava wood, or other generally tough trees or wood types. It also left a message when available in Wood R Us it would say "Thanks for beta testing!"

Cost During Beta Testing: $1,100

Chop Size: Large

Chop Speed: Quick

Boxed Rarity: Rare

Unboxed Rarity: Fairly Rare


The Rukiryaxe, or the Shark Axe, as it is also commonly called, is currently the second best axe in-game for all woods except Lava Wood and Phantom Wood.
It's generally easy to obtain, but it requires at most $8040 money. The Rukiryaxe is not available for regular purchase.

After purchasing all items needed to obtain this Axe, then the player must go to the Snow biome and blast their way inside with dynamite if they wish to use a vehicle. Upon arrival, they must turn right and follow the Rock cliffs. After a while of continuing along the wall, the player will notice a small cutout in the mountains. Getting nearer to the right edge, the player must spy around for a transparent red eagle that can be found on the side of the wall.

Cost: Not from Store ($7220-$8040 for all components)

Chop Size: Large

Chop Speed: Very Fast

Rarity: Rare

Fire Axe

The Fire Axe is an axe which came inside the Fiery Gift of Lumber that was available at Wood R Us for $14,400 Money from December 17 to early December 25, 2015. This item was a 2015 Christmas Gift.

The axe was primarily designed to cut Lava Wood, hence its name Fire Axe (See below paragraph) its rapid cutting rate for the wood and slow cutting rate for every other wood. It is advisable to buy one of these as well as your existing axe, especially if it is a Rukiryaxe you have alongside it, as this Fire Axe is hopeless when it comes to chopping down other trees like Pine, Oak, etc. On a lighter note, the axe is very good at subduing Lava Wood, more so than with any other axe. If you prefer to travel up the Volcano Obstacle with a cheaper axe, like the Steel Axe or perhaps the Hardened Axe, it is advisable to keep a fire axe at home and chop it up later with that fire axe instead of a Rukiryaxe, or any other axe you may use. If you use the trick of leaving straight before you die or have a 100% success rate (and full frames), you should take it up with you. This axe now questions if it is easier to go to the Swamp and get Gold Wood, or go to the volcano and get Lava Wood.

Lava Wood Chop Size: Large

Other Wood Chop Size: Tiny

Lava Wood Chop Speed: Fast

Other Wood Chop Speed: Slow

Gifted Rarity: Extremely Rare

Boxed Rarity: Fairly Rare

Unboxed Rarity: Semi-Rare

End Times Axe

Screenshot 105

The End Times Axe was a replacement for Rukiryaxe in the End Times Update on the 31st of October, and it's now unobtainable through a regular way, only from other players.

It ignores the axe strength feature unlike all other axes, it's what makes it able to chop Phantom Wood and the thickest part of Spook Wood and Sinister Wood.

It was later replaced with the Rukiryaxe in the 1st of November.

Cost: Not from store ($7220 - $8040 for all components)

Chop Size: Large

Chop Speed: Very Fast

Rarity: Rare

Candy Cane Axe

The Candy Cane Axe, or referred to as the Candy axe, is an axe which came inside the Sweet Gift that was available at Wood R Us for $6,000 Money. This item was a 2016 Christmas Gift.

Candy Cane Axe

It is unknown what the true use of this axe is, since when used on any tree, the axe simply falls out of the user's hands, much like how any normal axe falls out of a user's hands when cutting Phantom Wood unless it is an End Times Axe. However, due to its price, it is probable that there will be a use for this axe, and like the Fire Axe, it might be able to chop a specific tree in a future update.

Wood Chop Size: None (As of now)

Wood Chop Speed: Unknown

Gifted Rarity: Extremely Rare

Boxed Rarity: Fairly Rare

Unboxed Rarity: Semi-Rare

Unobtainable Axes

Unobtainable Axes are axes that cannot be bought from players or regular means of purchase. Both the Gold Axe and the Stone Axe have been removed.

Gold Axe

The Gold Axe is one of the most illustrious tools for processing wood in the game. This axe has the highest hit damage to trees and is capable of chopping down almost all trees in a single hit.
Currently, the only users permitted to use this axe are personally given it by Defaultio, meaning it is unobtainable to regular users.

The axe is only obtainable to Defaultio's close friends that play Lumber Tycoon 2. People who hack to get the axe usually get it, but when they leave, the axe disappears and would get banned from the game. Normally, when some players hack to get the axe, they drop it when they are about to leave.

Since exploiters are able to hack-in the Gold Axe, players have duplicated the axe and sold it to others from a price range of $500K to $1M

Cost: $500K-$1M

Chop Size: Whole tree

Chop Speed: Instant, sometimes two chops

Rarity: Unobtainable

Stone Axe


The Stone Axe is unobtainable, It's very similar to the Basic Hatchet however it was replaced by the Basic Hatchet. Stone Axe was previously obtainable in the Pre-Alpha version of Lumber Tycoon 2. The Stone Axe was the starter axe in the version of Pre-Alpha. Every axe has the texture of stone axe in the inventory of the player. This axe would later be almost completely removed from the files and be replaced by the Basic Hatchet. However, the Stone Axe does exist in the VIP Room boxed, but it would be almost impossible to study and copy the VIP Rooms files because of a script in it that immediately removes itself from a server.

Cost: $12

Chop Size: Tiny

Chop Speed: Slow

Rarity: Unobtainable

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