Axes are tools which are used to cut trees. Since axes are tools, they can be dropped by pressing the backspace key. They will also be dropped when the player resets or dies by any other means, such as falling into lava in the Volcano or death by Chop Saw. But if the player falls and dies in the part destroy limit, the axes will remain in their inventory (as long as it was not held out during the fall). When the player is killed, they will drop their axe and it will emit sparkling effects. Only the axe's previous owner or people he/she has whitelisted can pick it up.

Every axe has different stats and functions, choose the right axe for your work will boost your working speed! The list below shows every axe.

List of Axes

Data is not accurate. For more information about each axe, go to their respective pages.

Axes Cost
Damage Range
Swing Cooldown
Standard Axes (Obtainable from Wood R Us for purchase)
BasicHatchetTransparent Basic Hatchet 12 0.2 4.8 0.65
PlainAxeTransparent Plain Axe 90 0.55 6 0.73
SteelAxeTransparent Steel Axe 190 0.93 8 0.7
Hardened Axe Slam Hardened Axe 550 1.45 0.65
SilverAxeTransparent Silver Axe 2,040 1.6 10 0.48
Special Axes (Not available in stores but still obtainable)
AlphaAxeTransparent Alpha Axe of Testing Was 500 1.5 10 0.5
Beta axe Beta Axe of Bosses Was 1,100 1.45 0.54
RukiryaxeTransparent Rukiryaxe 7,500-8,040
(Quest items)
1.68 9 0.4
FireAxe Fire Axe Was 14,400 6.35 (Lava Wood)
0.6 (Others)
0.35 (Lava Wood)
0.55 (Others)
EndTimesAxeTransparent End Times Axe Was 7,500-8,040
(Quest items)
1e7 (Phantom Wood)
1.58 (Others)
0.3 (Phantom Wood)
0.4 (Others)
A4534d47ee98303f33d60810b54d88c6 Candy Cane Axe Was 6,000 0 6 0.7
Unobtainable Axes
GoldAxe Gold Axe N/A 50 6 0.4
848f448aaeda2df923dbc2194e61e0c6 Stone Axe Unknown
ChickenAxeTransparent Chicken Axe 0.1 10 0.3
LumberManAxe Lumberman's Axe Unknown
BasicNav2 PlainNav2 SteelNav2 HardenedNav2
SilverNav2 RukiryNav2 BetaNav2 AlphaNav2
FireNav2 EndTimesNav2 CandyNav2 GoldNav2
StoneNav2 ChickenNav2 LumberNav

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