Unboxed Boxed
Big box
Location Was at Wood R Us
Cost Was $1,006 Money
Type 2016 Gift
Usage Quest Item
In-game Description

The BIG GIFT was sold at Wood R Us for $1,006 in-game Money. It was part of the last three 2016 gifts added on December 11th, the others being the Acceptable Gift from Bob and the Sweet Gift. Inside this gift is a Numbered Cube.

The gift had an essential role in the numbered cube puzzle.


The BIG GIFT has a striped, blue-and-silver bow that is near one of the sides.

Oddly, the bow appears to be distorted, due to Defaultio resizing the gift's mesh.

The wrapping of the gift itself is silver-white in color, with swirly designs on it.

Inside of the gift, there are more boxes with a code on the front. The boxes can be opened over and over again (like a Russian doll) until the gift is very small, and if you aren't careful they can get too small and disappear.

When the unboxing the same gift more than once, the code stays the same but the color of the box may change. This code leads to what is inside.

The BIG GIFT can also get stuck between the doors due to how big it is.

It is unknown if this gift is going to be reobtainable again.


Players were able to obtain the BIG GIFT during the Christmas Event 2016 at the Wood R Us for $1,006 Money.

In order to obtain the gift, the player had to ensure that they have the amount of money needed to purchase the gift. Once confirmed, the player must go to the Wood R Us store. Once the player is inside Wood R Us, they must look to the left side, in which the gift will be sitting next to the Bulletin Board.

Then, the player must drag it onto the counter and talk to Thom, and agree to buy the gift.

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