Basic Hatchet
Unboxed Boxed
BasicHatchetTransparent Basic hatchet boxed
Location Wood R Us
Cost $12 Money
Damage 0.2
Range 4.8 units
Swing Cooldown 0.65 Seconds
In-game Description
"It's not the greatest axe, but it will get the job done."

The Basic Hatchet is an axe that can be purchased in Wood R Us for $12 Money. It is considered to be the starter axe for every player, because it is recommended to be purchased and used in the game tutorial and can be purchased for a very small amount of money.


It has a dull brown handle, a dull grey head, and has a dark yellow strap near its base. Its box is colored neon yellow, the same with the Snowglow Wood's plank and the boxed Wobblebobble.


To obtain the Basic Hatchet, you must go to the Wood R Us store near the spawning area, and ensure that you have $12 money. Then, proceed to the closest end of the nearest wooden shelf, where you can find a neon yellow box. Grab (click and hold) it, then drag it on the counter, next to the entrance to the store.

Then, talk to Thom, by pressing "E" when the "Talk to Thom" box has appeared. Click "Yes" or press "E" to purchase.

Once the GUI has disappeared, open the box by pressing "E" on it (note that you should stay near the box to open it), and press "E" again to place it in your inventory.


The Basic Hatchet's chopping damage is 0.2, and it has a chopping range of 4.8, making it the second-worst axe in the game before the Candy Cane Axe, but it is still ideal as a starter axe in the game.

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