This feature has been retired. Thanks for BETA testing!

Beta Axe of Bosses
Unboxed Boxed
Beta axe BETABOX
Location Player Shops
Cost $1,100 Money
Damage 1.45
Range 10 units
Swing Cooldown 0.54 Seconds
In-game Description
"Thanks for beta testing!"

The Beta Axe of Bosses, also known as Beta Axe, is an axe and was purchasable during the Beta Testing Stage on Lumber Tycoon 2.

It was then replaced by the Silver Axe. Additionally, the chop speed of this axe is fairly advanced, nearly the same as the speed of the Silver Axe.

But after Defaultio replaced the axe, it was moved to the Retirement Stand, but then removed from the stand because of stubborn players who exploit it.


The axe's handle is in a dark-brown color with a blue strap, and its steel is nearly the same color with the Silver Axe. The axe's box is colored blue and says capitalized and bold letters, BETA AXE, similar to the Alpha Axe of Testing's box but with a blue version of it.


To obtain the Beta Axe of Bosses, you must go to the Wood R Us store near the spawning area, and ensure that you have 1,100 Money, during the Beta Testing Stage.

Then, proceed to the back wall, where you can find a blue box with the words saying "BETA AXE". Grab (Press "E" and hold) it, then drag it on the counter, next to the entrance. Then, talk to Thom, by pressing "E" when the "Talk to Thom" box has appeared.

Once the box has disappeared, open the box by pressing "E" on it (note that you should stay near the box to open it), and press "E" again to place it on your hand. 

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