Type Event Feature
Location Safari, Safari Shopping District, Main Biome, Tropics, Mountainside, Taiga
Music Depends which biome you are in.
Wood Types None
Max Trees None
No map needed
Billboards are features that appear during ROBLOX sponsorship events involving Lumber Tycoon 2. The first being the Good Dinosaur Event, then the DreamWorks ''Kung Fu Panda 3'' Event and most recently the Cars 3 sponsorship. When these events happen, billboards appear throughout Lumberland in specific places.


Safari /Safari Shopping District - To the right of the road leading to the Shopping District is a billboard on a rock. (Present in all sponsored events) - Directly to the right of the Fancy Furnishings (Only present in Cars 3 event)

Main Biome - Next to Wood R Us on a rock. On a rock next to the Bridge and the Spawn Area Sinkage (Present in all sponsored events)

Mountainside - Cliff overlooking the start of the mountainside path (Present in all sponsored events) - Cliff overlooking the end of the path to the entrance of the Volcano. (Only present in Cars 3 event)

Taiga - When you enter the Taiga, there will be a large billboard on top of a cliff. Next to the path leading to the Taiga Dugout is a billboard on a cliff. (Only present in Cars 3 event)

Tropics - Once you get to the tropics, if you look to the right you will find a billboard which is also on the Tropics Bay Peninsula. (Only present in Cars 3 event)

Also, note that there is not much of a billboard, but there is still advertisements on both sides of the Ferry. There are also some posters in the stores when these events come.


RobloxScreenShot05192017 215642148 (2)

Billboard near the Spawn Area Sinkage.

Billboards are made of two or more wooden posts that act as "supports" connected to the main face that is also supported by trusses. The color of the wooden posts are the ROBLOX color "Pine Cone," the main face is colored "Light reddish violet," and the trusses are colored "Fossil"

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