Located in the mountainside and tropics regions, Birch Wood is the ideal balance between value and time to harvest. It is an ideal choice for those looking to farm for money.


It has a tan exterior and a light grey interior. Although it is fairly common, it still sells for more than Oak Wood, with a log selling for $2.25 Money per unit, and a plank selling for $15 Money per unit.

Birch trees often grow tall, but not wide. It has large, green, cubic leaves. 


Birch can most easily be harvested from the Mountainside. Although it is also possible to travel to the Tropics to obtain this wood, it is very costly and inefficient. A Hardened Axe or better is recommended for chopping this wood.

A Fair Sawmill or better is highly recommended for milling purposes, as these sawmills can handle its size and thickness on all occasions. A vehicle is also recommended since the areas it grows at a considerable distance from the Main Biome.

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