Birch Wood is a type of wood that can be found on the Mountainside, as well as in the Tropics Biome.


Birch Wood often grows tall, but not wide; it also has thick, large, and squarish leaves. Birch Wood is known for growing on a large scale, especially on the Mountainside.  

The tree's exterior is a yellowish/white shade, and the interior is Mid Grey. Although it is fairly common, it still sells for more than Oak Wood.


Birch Wood usually grows moderately thick, therefore, a Fair Sawmill or greater is recommended for processing the wood into planks. A Hardened Axe or better is recommended for quick chopping.

Due to its relatively low selling price, it is not recommended to work as a primary source of money, but it could be a good type of wood for building, due to its color.

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