Blueprint Manager
Unboxed Boxed
Blueprint manager
Location Player's Inventory
Cost Depends on the Blueprint
Type Blueprint Manager
Blueprint Placer
Usage Place
In-game Description
The Blueprint Manager is an inventory-only item which cannot be dropped, and you do not lose it when you die, unlike axes. Previously, it was impossible to organize blueprints bought in a specific order. However, on September 26, Defaultio released a "Builder's Update". They will be in the order in which you bought them, as well as categorized by their classification on the tabs to the left of the screen. When holding the blueprint in your hand you will not move until you come out of it or choose a blueprint!

Blueprints Manager floor selection.

The Blueprint Manager is obtained by buying a blueprint from Wood R Us, or Fancy Furnishings. The Blueprint Manager is a blue sheet of paper rolled up with mathematical drawings on it, much like a real-life blueprint. When you open the Blueprint Manager, there is a large text that reads; "Blueprints", and underneath that, you can see the blueprints that you have purchased. On the left side of the Blueprint Manager, you will see the various categories:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Other
  • Wedges

The player selects the category they want, then chooses the item in it, located in the big box right beside the categories column. Then, the player can place the blueprint on their land. To complete it, the player must simply put planks into the transparent black structure that, when fully supplied with the wood planks of your choice, will become your desired structure. Also, the blueprint's wood color depends on the type of wood that was mostly used when building it.

*NOTE*: In order to use blueprints, you must have land to place the blueprints on. Blueprints do NOT cost any money to place down after bought, but you WILL need a sawmill.

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