Bob's Shack is a small store that is located in the Safari, and is located a distance behind Fancy Furnishings. The store is open at all times, and is managed and owned by Bob. It sells unique and limited-time items during events that are hosted within the game, as well as some items necessary to obtain the Rukiryaxe.


Bob's Shack is a small building containing one light fixture and wooden walls, with the roof slanting to the left. It is on top of a wooden platform and has two large square holes that serve as windows. Within the shack are wooden shelves that hold the items purchasable. When an event item is present, a black sign will emerge at the currently empty wooden shelf next to Bob's rusty counter.

Item Picture Cost (Money) Description
Dynamite TNTBox $220 "For all your exploding things needs."
Can of Worms CanOWormsBoxed $3,200 "Mmmm... worms."
Halloween 2015 Items (no longer purchasable)
Pumpkin Pumpkin-0 $360 "Perfect for warding off the neighborhood youngsters."
Christmas 2015 Items (no longer purchasable)
Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob Coalgift $10,000 "It's a lump of coal."
Halloween 2016 Items (no longer purchasable)
Dark Pumpkin Dark pumpkin $500 "You feel this pumpkin calling you from deep within."
Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye CreditJerricksEyeBox $400,306 "The mere motion of a preserved enlarged ostrich eye confuses you."
Christmas 2016 Items (no longer purchasable)
Acceptable Gift from Bob BobAcceptGift $10,000 "Good old Bob never disappoints, except for usually."
Halloween 2017 Items (no longer purchasable)
Strange Pumpkin RobloxScreenShot20171005 181458222 $500 "You're not sure about this pumpkin."
Halloween 2018 Items (no longer purchasable)
Cursed Pumpkin CursedPumpkinBoxed1 $524 "The wise avoid the cursed."
Amber Axe AmberAxeBoxed1 $1,100 "If you're lucky you'll get one with a mosquito."
Thanksgiving 2018 Items
Can of Cranberry Sauce CranberryBoxed1 $2,800 "You KNOW the best part about cranberry sauce! (when you remove the contents it's like you have two cans)"
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