Bob's Shack
Bob's Shack
Location Safari
Music Bumba Crossing - Kevin MacLeod
Specialty Miscellaneous items, event items
Bob's Shack Map

Bob's Shack is a store located in the Safari. The player can find Bob's Shack if they travel behind Fancy Furnishings and proceed forward. It sells various event items and one of the ingredients for the Rukiryaxe. The store is open all of the time. When an item is purchased, Bob will say "Hehe, thanks."

Christmas and Halloween event items have been sold here.

One shelf consisting of a Pumpkin, Dark Pumpkin and Strange Pumpkin have been found underneath the building.


Bob's Shack is a rather small building containing one light fixture and several wooden walls with correct wood grain. The rear wall of the store is merely the cliff residing behind the store, as a rear wall was found unnecessary and assumes that the store owner, Bob, is not very wealthy.  


Recent updates have shown that there may be more items to add to Bob's Shack, as new shelves have been seen on current servers. Defaultio, the creator, has confirmed that many big things are coming for the future of Lumber Tycoon 2.


Bob says that he is your old friend and that you probably just don't remember him, even if the character has never met him.  This is likely poking fun at people who act like they are a players old friend to get stuff from them, such as items or in-game currency.  Him saying "Hehe, Thanks" whenever you purchase something is likely referencing the "sketchy arms-dealer" stereotype in media.


Name Cost (Money) Use
Dynamite 220
  • Alongside Can of Worms, it is recommended for getting the Rukiryaxe (alongside the Bag of Sand and the Lightbulb needed for the axe).
  • This item can be used to explode a specific set of rocks located throughout Lumberland:
  • Dynamite can also be used to blow up (or down) a tree.
  • It is also used to break the rock to find the ladder of the Lost Cave.
Can of Worms 3,200 Alongside dynamite, it is one of the items for getting the Rukiryaxe (alongside the Bag of Sand and the Lightbulb).

Event Items

Name Costs money
Pumpkin* 360
Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob** 10,000
Dark Pumpkin*** 500
Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye*** 400,306
Acceptable Gift from Bob**** 10,000
Strange Pumpkin***** 500

2015 Halloween Event (No Longer Available)*

2015 Christmas Event (No Longer Available)**

2016 Halloween Event (No Longer Available)***

2016 Christmas Event (No Longer Available)****

2017 Halloween Event *****

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