Bob's Shack
Bob's Shack
Location Safari
Music Bumba Crossing - Kevin MacLeod
Specialty Miscellaneous items, event items
Bob's Shack Map

Bob's Shack is a store located in the Safari. The player can find the store if they travel behind Fancy Furnishings and proceed forward. The shop sells various event items and one of the ingredients for the Rukiryaxe. The store is open all of the time and is managed by Bob's Shack, who is obviously the owner of the shack.

One shelf consisting of a Pumpkin, Dark Pumpkin, and Strange Pumpkin have been found underneath the building.


Bob's Shack is a rather small building containing one light fixture and several wooden walls with correct wood grain. The rear wall of the store is merely the cliff residing behind the store, as a rear wall was found unnecessary and assumes that the store owner, Bob, is not very wealthy.  

On November 1st, 2017, the Metal material in the shack actually became clean metal instead of its original rusted type.  


Item Picture Cost (Money) Description
Dynamite $220 "For all your exploding things needs."
Can of Worms $3,200 "Mmmm... worms."
Halloween 2015 Items (no longer purchasable)
Pumpkin was $360 "Perfect for warding off the neighborhood youngsters."
Christmas 2015 Items (no longer purchasable)
Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob was $10,000 "It's a lump of coal."
Halloween 2016 Items (no longer purchasable)
Dark Pumpkin was $500 "You feel this pumpkin calling you from deep within."
Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye was $400,306 "The mere motion of a preserved enlarged ostrich eye confuses you."
Christmas 2016 Items (no longer purchasable)
Acceptable Gift from Bob was $10,000 "Good old Bob never disappoints, except for usually."
Halloween 2017 Items (no longer purchasable)
Strange Pumpkin was $500 "You're not sure about this pumpkin."

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