Boxed Cars
Boxed Cars
Location Safari
Waterford - Kevin MacLeod
Specialty Vehicles

The Boxed Cars store is located in the Safari's Safari Shopping District, opposite to the Fancy Furnishings store. The store is currently owned by Jenny.

The store closes at dusk and opens at noon. If the player stays long enough until the store closes, they will remain inside but not able to buy items, though if they click 'E' on the door knob, the door will open. Once they exit, they will be kicked out until the store reopens. The vehicles the store carries are all bigger than the one in Wood R Us. There are 2 trucks, 2 trailers and a gift that was sold in the store which is the Jingly Gift of Jingles.



Name Price Respawn Cost
Utility Vehicle XL 5,000 100
Val's All-Purpose Hauler 19,000 380


Name Price Respawn Cost
Small Trailer 1,800 36
531 Hauler 13,000 260


Name Price
Jingly Gift of Jingles* 32,000

*No longer for sale (only available from 2016 Christmas Update)

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