Boxed Cars
Boxed Cars
Location Safari
Music Waterford - Kevin MacLeod
Specialty Vehicles

The Boxed Cars store is a vehicle shop located in the Safari's Safari Square, opposite to the Fancy Furnishings store. The store is managed by Jenny.

It contains all the vehicle, except for one, which is the Utility Vehicle, which can be bought in the Wood R Us store.

Like the Fancy Furnishings and Link's Logic store, it closes down on dusk and opens after a while on morning. The stock is non-purchasable when it is closed. The store is later in opening than the other two that is holding this feature.


The Boxed Cars store sports an exterior made out of grey, concrete walls, similar to the Fancy Furnishings store. It can be easily identified as a vehicle store because of the big, bold letters at the store-front. It can be entered by going through its glass doors, which is usually opened at day-time, and closed at night.

Inside, the store still possess the grey, concrete walls, and has each vehicle (beside is its box) for showcasing. The trucks can be sat on, but cannot be driven. The counter where Jenny manages in is beside the glass door entrance.


To access the Boxed Cars store, one must cross the Bridge, then follow the road in the Safari, moving east. Then, the player will arrive at the Safari Square, where the store can be easily spotted.


Item Image Name Cost
Utility Vehicle XL $5,000 $100 "A slightly larger bed than that offered by the standard model."
Val's All-Purpose Hauler $19,000 $380 "Featuring doors, for your pleasure!"
Small Trailer $1,800 $36 "For all your smaller trailer needs! Hitch it up to any truck with a ball hitch."
531 Hauler $13,000 $260 "Featuring a tailgate and bogie suspension, this trailer will serve you humbly."
Christmas 2016 Gifts (no longer purchasable)
JingleGift Jingly Gift of Jingles $32,000 $2,000 "JINGLE JINGLE DO YOU HEAR THAT?"

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