Bridge Fee Booths
RobloxScreenShot01102016 175510121
Type Area
Location Both sides of the Bridge
Music None
Wood Types None
Max Trees Unknown
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Bridge Fee Booths, also known as Bridge Fee Stands, Toll Boxes, and even Bridge Boxes, are found on each side of the Bridge. They are fairly cubic in shape and slant frontwards. These booths are made out of wood planks and possess a shade of Lavender. There is a single window in the front of each booth and a grey door that can be opened in the back. They are located on the right side of the road from a driver's view. On the Main Biome booth, Seranok sits inside. In the Safari booth, Merely is found. Their dialogue is roughly different but maintains the same attitude and personality.


Within each booth, posters are found hanging on the walls.  One notable example is in Merely's booth. In his booth, a Red Eagle symbol is found, along with the words "FOLLOW THE RED EAGLE." This relates to the Rukiryaxe Quest, where the player journeys to the Den.


The primary function of these booths is to lower the bridge whenever the player spends a fee of $100 Money. The bridge is lowered for three minutes and can be extended if the player spends more. Paying $100 will lower for 3 min and paying another $100 will extend the time that the bridge will be open for by 3 minutes.

Putting an Preserved Enlarged Orstrich Eye into the Communication hole and paying $100 money will lower the bridge to the End Times Biome, allowing access to the Phantom Tree.

Halloween 2017

On Halloween 2017, all the original posters were removed. The booth in the main biome only had one foggy picture. The safari booth had a similar poster and another poster with the letters "p9iOinj8YM". These letters are the URL of a trailer for a new game defaultio is working on at (!/about). Looking up defaultio's YouTube channel, which is "Josh Sheldon" and then finding the video named PROJOOCT will result in finding the video.
Halloween posters

This is the poster in the safari booth

Halloween poster 2

The poster in the main biome booth

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