Unboxed Boxed
Unboxed Button Button
Location Wood R Us
Cost $320 Money
Type Switch
Usage Turn on items remotely.
In-game Description
"Use a wire to connect this button to another button or switch to operate it remotely"

The Button activates the Wire connected to the output for about a second. It can be found at Wood R Us and Link's Logic. The Button comes in a small blue-grey box. It is composed out of a small orange button and a dark grey base and with a small black output that connects to the wire.

If connected to a wire, the button gives a short pulse to the wire once pressed with the "E" key. This can be useful for the Chop Saw because it only needs to be pressed once, unlike the Lever.

Buttons can be pushed by other buttons if wired correctly, allowing repeaters to be easily created with buttons.

You can also use a button, connected with a wire, to remotely respawn a vehicle of its Vehicle Spawner. Just make the wire finish on the "Respawn Vehicle" button located in the vehicle spawner.

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