Can of Worms
Unboxed Boxed
GummyWormCan CanOWormsBoxed
Location Bob's Shack
Cost $3,200 Money
Type Loose Item
Usage Rukiryaxe Quest Item and End Times Axe Quest Item
In-game Description
"Mmmm... worms."

The Can of Worms is a loose item that can be found in Bob's Shack for $3,200 Money, and it is one of three items required to obtain the Rukiryaxe and limited time End Times Axe.


The main use of this item is for the Rukiryaxe quest, other than that it is only for decoration purposes, which really isn't this item's purpose, especially because of how expensive this item is.

This also is used to get the End Times Axe, a limited time axe that replaced the Rukiryaxe on Halloween 2016.


Its design is very simple, with a green-colored covering and a picture of gummy worms. For some strange reasons, the boxed image is gray unlike the unboxed item, which is very strange.

Can of Worms is based on a ROBLOX gear called "Tom's Beans".

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