Candy Cane Axe
Unboxed Boxed
Location Was at Wood R Us
Cost Was $6000 Money
Damage 0
Range 6
Swing Cooldown 0.7s
In-game Description
"Hm, sweet!"

The Candy Cane Axe is an axe that came from the Sweet Gift and was introduced during the 2016 Christmas Update. It can no longer be bought from Wood R Us, so you can only purchase this item from other players.


The axe has a pink-and-white striped head with a pink strap on the handle. It is slightly taller than the Fire Axe, but is slightly shorter than most other axes. The texture for the axe and the gift was made by users Unikarnz and Fjalon.


Many people have debated and made claims about the purpose or intention of this axe, however, the vast majority of these claims are false. The reason this axe exists is because it was included in a gift suggestion pack suggested by multiple users of this Wiki for Christmas of 2016.

Defaultio, of course, added the axe to the game, but as a joke of the material of the axe, it cannot cut any wood (as any axe made out of candy in real life would surely not cut wood).

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