This item is no longer in stores, but can be obtained from other players.

Candy Cane Axe
Unboxed Boxed
Location Wood R Us
Cost Was $6,000 Money
Damage 0
Range 6
Swing Cooldown 0.7s
In-game Description
"Hm, sweet!"

The Candy Cane Axe is an axe that can be unboxed from the Sweet Gift, a gift that was purchasable in Wood R Us for $6,000 Money as part of the 2016 Christmas Event.

The axe has a chopping range of 6, and has a chopping damage of 0, which makes it the absolute worst axe in the game. However, many players have debated and made further claims about the true purpose of this axe, which is for the "Candy Cane Biome". However, this is false, as it was included in a gift suggestion pack, and was added by Defaultio in game, while making a joke of the material of the axe.


The axe has a pink and white striped steel with a pink strap on the handle. Its box is colored light pink, with an image of the axe in the sides. It is slightly larger in height than the Fire Axe, but is slightly shorter than most other axes.

The texture for the axe and the gift was made by users Unikarnz and Fjalon.

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