The Cavecrawler Cavern is a cave located deep inside The Maze. The mini-biome is the only location that avails players to Cavecrawler Wood.

The cavern is composed of a large "ground" area, covered with cave-crawler trees, and an upper ledge, commonly used as a parking space by players.

The cavern's floor falls to the center where there is a small, flat area, which is used as a parking space. The ground emits blue particles the same way as the inner Volcano with red particles.


The player can access the cavern by finding its way in The Maze. Though a map is provided, Black Walls block several paths that do not lead to the cavern, and only one open path leading to the area.

Videos containing tutorials on how to get to the cavern may prohibit access from the cavern for a certain while, since the game creator, Defaultio, frowns these videos.