Cavecrawler Cavern
Type Geographic Feature; Cavern; Tunneling System; Biome
Location Deep in The Maze
Spacial Harvest by Kevin Macleod
Wood Types Cavecrawler Wood
Max Trees 25

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The Cavecrawler Cavern is a cave located deep inside the maze. This biome is the only location where players can acquire Cavecrawler Wood.


The Cavern is composed of a large "ground" area, covered in Cavecrawler Trees, and an upper ledge, commonly used as a parking space by players.

The cavern's floor falls to the center where there is a small, flat area, which is used as a parking space (not always recommended when collecting large piles of wood). The ground emits blue particles the same way as the inner Volcano with red particles.


The cavern can only be accessed through The Maze, a considerably difficult obstacle in the game. Refer to the map in the infobox.

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