Cavecrawler Wood, also known as Electric Wood, Maze Wood, or Blue Wood, is a neon blue wood that can only be found in The Maze. It was added in January 2016 as a part of the January Mega Update.


Cavecrawler Trees can only grow in the Cavecrawler Cavern, within The Maze. On some occasions, it can grow outside of the cavern walls, revealing twigs next to Maze Ledge. Cavecrawler Wood is more commonly used for decoration rather than selling, due to its difficulty to obtain and its unique appearance.

Unlike other wood types, Cavecrawler Wood has no wood grain, due to it having the Neon material (both bark and interior). The glow effect hides the joints and edges of the wood; It is recommended that users reduce their graphics settings in-game to effectively work with Cavecrawler logs.

The wood has blue glowing bark and somewhat lighter of an interior. The leaves are very dark blue; almost a purple due to the foil material and quite large with their maximum size being roughly 3 times the size of all but the largest Elm trees, and roughly around 70% the height of Pine trees. Many fully developed Cavecrawler logs cannot fit in any sawmills that are smaller than the Sawmax 02, so it is not recommended to get this wood until you have this sawmill.


The wood is moderately difficult to chop, so it is recommended to use a Rukiryaxe (or End Times Axe if you have it) to harvest the trees. Getting to the wood itself isn't easy, so leaving the cavern would be especially tougher, particularly with a load of wood. Therefore, it's recommended to bring a small load in a Utility Vehicle or carry only what you can.

You can get to the cavern in all sorts of trucks and cars, however, it's not recommended to bring any trailers to this location, as your car will be too slow to exit The Maze. Because of the inability to bring any trailers, most people do not get this wood for money, unless they are selling to others, as it is really inefficient. Instead, people usually use it for building blocks in their bases, and if they are too lazy to get it themselves, they buy this wood from others. Sometimes, all of the routes are blocked, meaning you can't get the wood.

The wood is described as being 'heavy', and can fling off easily. It will also weigh down anyone's truck as larger logs are heavier. But no wood has been described to have weight on it, therefore this is just speculation.

This wood is the 5th most valuable per unit that you can currently be obtain without the use of glitches. If going in at night, The Maze will be pitch-black, so use your headlights (press L while in your car).

For more information about how to get to the cavern, please see the Cavecrawler Cavern page.

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