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In order to help maintain a positive and enjoyable space for all users on the wiki, these rules must be abided at all times.

Consequences for violating the guidelines will be determined based on an agreement of the moderators and administrators.

  1. Respect other users.
    • This rule is meant to be followed at all times and is self-explanatory. Inability to follow this rule makes havoc and disturbance to other users.
  2. Any type of swearing is not allowed.
    • Content must be in correlation to ROBLOX's terms of service, and are moderated when used as a loophole.
    • This also includes images, GIFs, or videos that has swearing in it.
  3. Harassment that leads to heated arguments are not tolerated in public.
    • If an argument is bound to happen, the Private Messaging feature is used on these circumstances.
  4. Spamming of emojis, images, links, videos, and any other embedded content are not allowed.
  5. Do not abuse the notifier.
    • The notifier can only be if the purpose of using it is valid and not to irritate other users.
    • Any sign of irritation caused by abuse of the notifiers should be tackled by the staff.
  6. Do not link or embed duplication/exploitation videos. 
  7. Alternative or sock accounts are prohibited.
    • Usage of these accounts are not allowed on chat, unless the staff approves of the user. Main accounts should always be used to chat, unless changing default profiles. Main accounts will be punished if he/she owns a sock account and uses it for bad purposes.
    • In case for appealing for a ban, a moderator/administrator's message wall is always open for it.
  8. Do not post links that involves:
    • Logging
    • Automatic downloaders
    • Pornography
    • Automatic jumpscares
  9. Do not pretend to be in any authority of the game.
    • Pretending to be a moderator or an administrator from the game or ROBLOX are highly frowned. The only authority in the game is the game creator himself.
  10. Links to any other chatroom must be met with staff approval.
    • Embedding other wiki chats, Discord servers, or teamspeaks are to be accepted by the staff and not to be posted naively.
  11. Live auctioning or selling in the chat are not to be done in public.
    • In case of an occurring transaction, Private Messaging is to be used. Advertising or application for dealership are found in the forums or discussions of the wiki, and not to be done within the chat.
  12. Users that have vandalized wiki articles are punished to not be accepted in the chat.
  13. Do not use the chat to disturb ideal/future usernames of people.
  14. Improper use of loopholes is handled individually by staff. Depending on the situation, punishment can be made.
    • "Loopholes" are to be identified by multiple staff, but still cannot be determined by its exact definition.
  15. Arguments involving matters that are not from the wiki chat are irrelevant within the chat.
    • Any arguments that did not occur in the wiki are not a violation, since it did not happen in the wiki.