Cherry Wood, formerly known as Cherry Blossom Wood, is one of the most abundantly used variants of wood in the game. The wood can frequently spawn in the Cherry Meadow, a dugout in the Main Biome where only this tree spawns.


Cherry Wood can be cut by using any type of axe, but it is recommended to use a Steel Axe or better for efficient chopping, as using a Basic Hatchet will take a long amount of time to chop cherry wood.

It is most commonly found in the Cherry Meadow, but it can also spawn in the Main Biome, the Safari, and the Tropics. Players usually harvest it in the Main Biome, because this is more efficient.


Cherry Wood grows relatively fast and takes a while to die. They have longer lives than Oak Wood, but shorter lives than Elm Wood. The tree is sometimes seen growing in a way similar to Zombie Wood, both have their main branches growing away from each other.

Cherry Wood's leaves have the Pebble material, and a pink color, with a bright brown exterior. The wood has a reddish pink interior.

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