Cherry Wood, formerly known as Cherry Blossom Wood, is one of the most abundant and used variants of wood in the game. The wood also has a special area for it to frequently spawn on, in the Cherry Meadow.


Cherry Wood can be harvested and cut by using any type of Axe, but it is recommended that you use a Steel Axe or greater for easy chopping, as using a Basic Hatchet will take a long amount of time to chop a portion of the tree.

It is most commonly found in the Cherry Meadow, but it can also spawn in the Main Biome, the Safari, and the Tropics.


Cherry Wood grows relatively fast, but takes more time to die; Cherry trees have longer lives than Oak trees, but shorter lives than Elm trees. The tree is sometimes seen growing in a way similar to Zombie Wood- both has its main branches growing away from each other.

This tree, when sold in the Wood Dropoff, sells for $1.3 Money / Unit for its log, and $10.5 Money / Unit for its plank.

Cherry Wood is also a very efficient way to earn fast money for beginners, as when planked with the Shabby Sawmill, it can be worth a lot, as much as $100 Money per plank.

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