This article regards game entities which are currently unreleased, The LT2 wiki makes no guarantee that the contents of this article will ever be released; it only acknowledges that the contents of this article have, at some point in time, existed within the game.

Chicken Axe
Unboxed Boxed
Location Spawn Area/Game Files
Cost N/A / $1,100 Money
Damage 0.1
Range Beta Axe's range
Swing Cooldown 0.3
In-game Description
"Thanks for beta testing!"

The Chicken Axe is an axe that can currently only be found in the game files. The probability is very high that this axe is meant to be a simple inside joke, although a few players now think that this will be what is located within the Gift of Great Times.


It is unknown as to when the Chicken Axe was added to the game. Very soon after being added, exploiters started to spawn in this axe from the files, duplicating it and selling them for ridiculous amounts of money. Nobody has since seen a Chicken Axe being sold from player to player in the game - this is most likely because Defaultio might have added a script that deletes it to prevent more instances of duplication and exploiting.


The Chicken Axe's base design is very similar to the Stone Axe, but with a filter put over it. The head of the axe has a chicken head printed on both sides, as well as a small chicken wing sticker on the knob of the axe. Even though its texture is a re-skinned Stone Axe, its description is the same as the Beta Axe of Bosses' description, showing that Defaultio copied a Beta Axe and changed some values and textures. The Chicken Axe's box is a grass textured box with stretched decals of chickens in grassy fields on the sides of the box.

Behind the Laughter

The Chicken Axe is based off a ROBLOX Model made by "Unikarnz" and "Jac16king" called "Gift of Feathery Fury/Poultryaxe". The reason that Defaultio added this axe is unknown, but it is very likely that Defaultio saw the model, liked it, and thought it would be funny to implement it into the files, knowing that Unikarnz would eventually find out about the axe.

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