Dark Pumpkin
Unboxed Boxed
Dark pumpkin DarkPumpkinBoxed
Location Was at Bob's Shack
Cost Was $500 Money
Type Event Item
Usage Decorative and Light
In-game Description
"You feel this pumpkin calling you from deep within."

The Dark Pumpkin was a limited time item added during the 2016 Halloween Update. It was available at Bob's Shack for $500 Money. It can be used to light a room, similar to the Worklight (with the primary difference being that the pumpkin distributes light in all directions). It is now available only at players bases/shops. Pricing may vary between $500-$10k from players.

The pumpkin only had two boxes sitting on the shelf at Bob's Shack, unlike last year which had three boxes.


The Dark Pumpkin seems to have a visually similar appearance to the Pumpkin, disregarding color. The dark pumpkin exhibits a jet black exterior and a gradient transition of purple to magenta in its interior while giving off a purple light. A small streak of purple color is present on the stem.

The Dark Pumpkin is based on a Roblox hat named " Darkseed the Fallen".


The main function of the dark pumpkin is to light dark areas. However, some players use this as a basketball to play "pumpkin-ball," a popular Lumber Tycoon 2 activity. Dark pumpkins are regularly used for base decorations.

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