Location N/A
Apparel White Chicken Shirt, Rainbow Beard, Domino Crown, Grey Antlers
Speciality Creator of the Lumber Tycoon series (original and 2)
Other Attributes None

Defaultio (/'diːfɔlʃioʊ/ DEE-fahl-t-shee-oh), aka Josh Sheldon, is the creator of Lumber Tycoon 2. He has over 304M+ place visits, 538 forum posts, 118 friends, 107k+ followers, and he follows 0 users. Defaultio joined ROBLOX on October 22, 2008. He has 38 places (games), including Lumber Tycoon 2, and Lifetime Outrageous Builders Club (OBC). His YouTube channel is named "Josh Sheldon."

He was first majorly known for the original Lumber Tycoon. This game was created the very day that Defaultio joined ROBLOX. The description reads: "VIP: "The goal of this game is to cut down trees, cut them in your sawmill, and sell the cut planks at Home Depot to get money and upgrade your sawmill, buy chainsaws, build your house, etc. Have fun. If you have VIP, you're a winner. What it does is in its description, so don't go asking me "Z0MG Where IS da ViP ROOo00oM?!!?!?!?!?!?!?1!?1/1/11111." Because if you say that, you obviously haven't read the shirt's description."

In a ROBLOX video, Defaultio states that the original Lumber Tycoon was inspired by his mother's idea and that he never knew it would still be popular today.

Lumber Tycoon

Original Lumber Tycoon Thumbnail.

Josh Sheldon

When he's not on ROBLOX, Defaultio goes by his real name; Josh Sheldon. He is a senior at the University of Maryland and is currently studying mechanical engineering. His hobbies include photography, building, programming, and rock climbing. He has expressed future career ambitions of working with special effects. Josh owns four pet chickens.

Media/Internet Presence

Josh Sheldon's participates in a number of websites on the internet.

List of his online profiles:

Twitter (you can also find it on the homepage)






University of Maryland DCC

Personal Website


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