The Den, also known as the Eagle Hideout, is a hidden cave found beneath the Taiga which contains many barrels, crates, a huge red transparent eagle on the wall, torches, and three characters, called Zolarketh, Rukiryo, and Gusmanak.

Rukiryaxe Quest

This place is the location of the end of the Rukiryaxe Quest, which is a quest where you must find three Posters hidden around the map, with hints about certain items the player must bring to this location.These certain items are these three materials: Bag of Sand, Lightbulb, and the Can of Worms.

There is also a fourth, not very well known hint. In Merely's booth (the Safari side of the bridge), there is a small white sign that says, in small writing, "Follow the eagle." This is a reference to the fact that you must find the transparent eagle in the Taiga in order to find the Den. However, not many people pay attention to this hint, as people rarely look inside the booths.

The End Times Axe was also only available for a day during Halloween 2016 and 2017 by doing the Rukiryaxe Quest; instead of getting the Rukiryaxe when you place all three items in the plate, the End Times Axe would fall from the hole instead. All of the hidden posters hinting about the quest had their words changed to "THE END TIMES ARE NEAR".


The characters of the Den are:

They do not have any special dialogue but instead sit at a dining table awaiting three materials to be put on their plate categorically.