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Disney Pixar "Cars 3" Event was a sponsored event by ROBLOX sponsoring the Disney movie "Cars 3."

The event consists of several billboards (which have been previously used to advertise the Good Dinosaur event and the Kung Fu Panda 3 event) depicting angled shots of 2 characters from the movie. However, unlike the two mentioned events, this event has no prizes and is not recognized as a roblox event. Instead, it is paid advertising.

There are more Cars 3 billboards than any other previous sponsored event has had. There are 2 in the Main Biome, 2 in the Mountainside, 2 in the Safari, 2 in the Taiga Biome, 2 on the Ferry and one in the Tropics.

The Billboards are now gone, meaning there will be no Cars 3 event.

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