The Disney Pixar "Cars 3" Event was a sponsored event by ROBLOX showcasing the Disney movie "Cars 3."

Disney Pixar ''Cars 3'' Event
Cars3Billboard 7
Type Sponsored event
Location See Billboards
Use Advertisement

The event consisted of several billboards (which have been previously used to advertise the Good Dinosaur event and the Kung Fu Panda 3 event) depicting angled shots of 2 characters from the movie. However, unlike the two mentioned events, this event had no prizes and is not recognized as a ROBLOX event. It was, instead, a paid promotion accepted by Defaultio, like the Jimu Robot Sponsorship.

There were more Cars 3 billboards than any other previous sponsored event. There were 2 in the Main Biome, 2 in the Mountainside, 2 in the Safari, 2 in the Taiga, 2 on the Ferry and in in the Tropics.

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