Disturbed Painting
Unboxed Boxed
Disturbed painting RobloxScreenShot09252016 210948717
Location Fine Arts Shop
Cost $2006 Money
Type Painting
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"By Henry G Keller. Watercolor."

Disturbed Painting can be found in the Fine Arts Shop for $2006 money, the Fine Arts Shop is found inside of The Maze. This can be considered as one of the first items added to the End Times Update.


The painting features a goose, standing next to water next to a rock, looking up. The painting is smaller than the other painting and doesn't have an advanced frame around the photo. The box is white and the frame is similar to Title Unknown. The frame's material is Wood Planks, same with the shelves in Wood R Us.

This painting is slightly less detailed than Title Unknown, as it does not have a fancy framing.

The landscape in the picture resembles some type of creek/river or swamp, possibly hinting a future update about the River or the Swamp.


It is mainly used as decoration. Players put it on a wall or make a floor out of it. To place down the painting, unbox the painting and then press 'E' to go into the placing mode. You can place it anywhere only on your base.

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