Disturbed Painting
Unboxed Boxed
Disturbed painting RobloxScreenShot09252016 210948717
Location Fine Arts Shop
Cost $2006 Money
Type Painting
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"By Henry G Keller. Watercolor."

The Disturbed Painting is a painting that can be found and purchasable at the Fine Arts Shop for $2,006 Money.


This painting features a goose looking up at the sky next to a body of water. The painting is smaller than Bold and Brash and Title Unknown, but larger than the Outdoor Watercolor Sketch. This particular painting doesn't have an advanced frame around the picture. The box is white and the frame is similar to Title Unknown. The frame's material seems to be comprised of wood planks.

The landscape in the picture resembles some type of creek, river, or swamp.


The painting is mainly used as decoration. Players can put it on a wall or make a floor out of it.