Unboxed Boxed
Tnt TNTBox
Location Bob's Shack
Cost 220 Money
Type Explosive
Usage Destroys items
Uncovers Taiga Biome and other uses
In-game Description
"For all your exploding things needs."

Dynamite is an one time use explosive item that can be purchased from Bob's Shack for $220 Money.


To detonate the dynamite, the player must unbox it, and place it (preferably) upright. Then, the player must press 'e' while their cursor is on the dynamite. Then, the player should quickly run away from the Dynamite and keep any required possessions away from the initial blast area. If the player is within the blast zone of the Dynamite, they will be killed. Dynamite requires 5 seconds exactly to explode after being detonated, so running away is the primary step of detonation.

Dynamite can be used on most types of wood.

This item is modelled after the Bundle Of TNT, a ROBLOX item.


Dynamite has a few different uses:

  • Wood can be easily blown to small segments with dynamite. This is used by some players to make treefetti, which usually lags the server, so it is recommended to stay away from the people doing treefetti as it can possibly crash a person's game.
  • The entrance to the Taiga Biome at times had to have been blown up with Dynamite in order to let vehicles pass through from the Main Biome to the Taiga Biome. This use also helps to obtain the Rukiryaxe.
  • The Rock Bridge must be blown up with Dynamite in order to create vehicular access to the Swamp.
  • To access the Shrine of the Sight room in the Rock Bridge Cave.
  • To access the Lost Cave in the Taiga.
Dynamite cannot be used on people and other people's property unless whitelisted. If it is used and the player is not whitelisted, this message will appear:
Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 11.21.03 AM

Cannot detonate explosive near other people or their properties.