Elm Wood is one of the most abundant, largest, and widely used variants of wood in the game. This wood grows in abundance in most of the biomes and can be cut by most types of axes.


It can be cut by any type of axe, with the exception of the Candy Cane Axe, but a Rukiryaxe or better is best for efficient harvest.

A vehicle is recommended when transporting large quantities of the wood. For milling, a Sawmax 01 or better is recommended due to the fact that most of the wood's logs are big and thick.


Elm Wood grows to a tall height and its branches extend very wide. It sprouts various dark and bright green leaves, with a grassy texture. Its logs look much similar to those of Fir Wood, however, its interior has a light-tan color. Elm Trees also grow rather thick, similar to Lava Wood, but not quite as thick as Koa Wood. It is moderately uncommon in the Main Biome, and much more common in the Safari.

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