End Times Axe
Unboxed Boxed
EndTimesAxeStandardCreditJerricks None
Location Was at the Den on 31st Oct 2016
Cost $8,000 (original cost with the Rukiryaxe quest items)
Damage 1.6
Range 9 units
Swing Cooldown 0.3 Seconds
In-game Description

The End Times Axe (or ETA, for short) was one of the two craftable axes in the game, the other craftable axe being the Rukiryaxe. This axe was obtainable from the Den during the Halloween Day of 2016. The End Times Axe was crafted just like the Rukiryaxe. The axe is black with purple spots; it uses the same texture as the Dark Pumpkin This axe works similar to the Rukiryaxe, but cuts faster with thicker woods, such as Spook Wood. This is also the only axe that is compatible with the Phantom Wood, and the base logs of Sinister and Spook trees.

Requirements [Relevant only on Halloween]

The lowest overall cost would be $7500 money, and the highest would be $8,040.

Where to find

This axe was only obtainable on Halloween 2016. After purchasing all items needed to get a normal Rukiryaxe, the player must then go to the Taiga Biome and blast their way inside using Dynamite (if they wish to use a vehicle).

Upon arrival, the player must turn right and follow the Rock Cliffs until the player notices a small cutout in the mountains. Getting closer to the right edge, the player must spy around for a transparent, red eagle emblem that can be found on the side of the cliff. Below the hatch found under the snow is the Den, where the player would place the items in the correct order (though instead of a Rukiryaxe spawning, and End Times Axe would spawn.)


If the player has already found all 3 hidden Rukiryaxe Posters, they will know the correct order; shown below:

  • Gusmanak - Can of Worms - Left side of the table
  • Zolarketh - Bag of Sand - Head of the table
  • Rukiryo - Lightbulb - Right side of the table

After placing the unboxed items on their respective plates, the End Times Axe would float down from the hole in the ceiling.

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