Fair Sawmill
Unboxed Boxed
Fair Sawmill Box Fair Sawmill
Location Wood R Us
Cost $1,600 Money
Type Sawmill
Usage Milling
In-game Description
"An intermediate sawmill that will have your planks dance out of their socks"

The Fair Sawmill is a sawmill purchasable at the Wood R Us store for $1,600 Money.

It is often regarded as mediocre and tended to not be purchased by some players. However, it has an input hole the size of the branches of Lava, Gold, or Elm Wood.


The Fair Sawmill sports a grey color and materialized in the Concrete material. It contains the same features a sawmill have.

Its box has a dull-brown color, materialized in Smooth Plastic texture, its decal on its largest sides, and "SAWMILL" spelled out on its top and bottom sides.