Fair Sawmill
Unboxed Boxed
Fair Sawmill Box Fair Sawmill
Location Wood R Us
Cost $1600 Money
Type Sawmill
Usage Wood Processing
In-game Description
"An intermediate sawmill that will have your planks dance out of their socks"


The Fair Sawmill is a fair sawmill in the game. It can process slightly thicker logs like branches of Lava, Zombie, and Gold wood, than the Shabby Sawmill, which are Oak, Cherry, and Birch logs.

In early versions of Beta, this was the first functional sawmill, because the Shabby Sawmill experienced bugs, and could not be used. Also, this sawmill was in the VIP Room.


Boxed, the Fair Sawmill has a brown color, the SAWMILL decals on its top and bottom, and the structures decal left and right. Unboxed, it has a grey color, and is only 0.2 studs wider than the Shabby Sawmill. It emits green aura and green puffs, like any other sawmill.

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