Fancy Furnishings
Location Safari
Chill Urban - Frank Nora-tDjc84jnaKE
Chill Urban, by Frank Nora
Specialty Selling Glass Panes, Blueprint, Furniture, and more

Fancy Furnishings, or F.F., to shorten the name, is a furniture shop that sells glass, furniture, and at Christmas, presents. It can be found facing the Boxed Cars store in the Safari Square (Safari biome). The store is managed by Corey, who is standing behind the counter.

The store is open everyday, and closes at night-time. It will re-open again at morning, and its stock will be purchasable. The same happens with the Boxed Cars and Link's Logic store. When it closes, all light will turn off, and Corey will lay down behind the counter. This makes its stock non-purchasable.


Fancy Furnishings is the largest among all stores, with an exterior made out of grey, concrete walls. Its name can be easily distinguised because of the bold, red letters that spell out its name on the store-front. Inside, it sports grey walls, but shelving units unique from other stores, including sections of colored fabric that contains homey furniture.

During the End Times Update, the store gained a creepy outlook because of the fog, and had the store's name appear rustic and torn-down.


To access the Fancy Furnishings store, one must cross the Bridge, then follow the road in the Safari, moving east. Then, the player will arrive at the Safari Square, where the store can be easily spotted.


Item Picture Cost
Glass Panes
Tiny Glass Pane

$12 "For all your tiny glass pane needs."
Small Glass Pane $50 "When reasonably sized glass panes don't meet your needs."
Glass Pane $220 "I guess that's why they call it 'glass pane'."
Large Glass Pane $550 "This is serious business glass pane."
Glassdoor $720 "Feeling stylish?"
Thin Cabinet $160 "Use with a countertop for a nicely furnished kitchen."
Kitchen Cabinet $160 "Use with a countertop for a nicely furnished kitchen."
Kitchen Cabinet Corner $160 "For sharply turning your counters."
Wide Kitchen Cabinet Corner $160 "For a large counter turn."
Thin Countertop $160 "Put on top of your kitched cabinets."
Countertop $220 "Put on top of your kitchen cabinets."
Countertop with Sink $220 "Keep your hands clean while preparing food!"
Toilet $90 "Poop."
Wall Light $90 "Looks nice on exterior walls."
Floodlight $90 "Good for outdoor use."
Lamp $90 "Get it. Get it?"
Floor Lamp $110 "Make your house homey with this fashionable floor lamp."
Armchair $130 "It's a chair for your arms."
Loveseat $150 "If you're lonely this seat is for you."
Couch $200 "For you and your friends."
Single Bed $250 "For all your sleeping needs."
Refrigerator $310 "Brrrr."
Stove $340 "Cook up some yummy."
Twin Bed $350 "For all your sleeping needs."
Dishwasher $380 "Wash your dishes or they will be dirty."
Lightbulb $2,600 "How many game developers does it take to scr"
Firework Launcher $7,500 "YES you'd better believfefe it get ready to launch some fireworks!"
Christmas 2015 Gifts (no longer purchasable)
Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty was $220 "? ? ?"
Happy Red Gift of Fun was $500 "Everybody just wants to have fun!"
Christmas 2016 Gifts (no longer purchasable)
Icicle Lights was $750 "Light up the night with this beautiful decoration!"
Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty was $220 "¿ ¿ ¿"
Happy Blue Gift of Fun was $501 "Some people just want to have fun!"
Christmas 2017 Gifts
Joyful Green Gift of High Quality Charm was $7,020 "What's it going to be this year??"
The Golden Gift Of Golden Times was $122,000 "In appeal of vanity."

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