The Ferry is the only form of nautical transportation in the game, and is operated by Hoover. Its main use is to transport players, vehicles, wood, or other items across and back from the Tropics.

It was added along with the rest of the January Mega Update. As soon as the Server Initialization starts, the Ferry immediately starts sailing to the Tropics.

To embark on the Ferry, one must purchase a one-way ticket from Hoover for $400 Money to either travel to the Tropics, or the Main Biome. If the player did not embark on it but paid for a ticket, he/she is able to embark on its next travel without paying for a ticket.

If the player did not buy a ticket but left his/her vehicle at the Ferry, the player will receive a popup saying that he/she needs to pay for embarking. According to Hoover, the Ferry often runs 10 minutes, as it waits 7 minutes and 40 seconds on each biome which induces a travel time of 2 minutes and 20 seconds.


The Ferry is mostly grey and white, with four spotlights on its longest sides. It has an elevated section at its end, and an enclosed section where Hoover resides. The enclosed section is light-grey, with glass panes, and its "Remain Seated" sign. Inside it is Hoover with a supposed steering wheel. The elevated section, however, has stairs leading up to it, and is guarded by golden rails, similar to Gold Wood.


"Freeloading", a method which allows players to embark on the Ferry without purchasing a ticket, has been present since the addition of the Ferry. However, most were patched on April 27th, 2016.

To do this, one must wait until the Ferry will leave after a few seconds. The player must position his/her vehicle or his/her player at the Sand Dock, and wait until the last second of the Ferry's wait has finished. As soon as the Ferry starts moving, the player must move his/her player or vehicle forward. If successful, the player will now travel with the Ferry.

There have been many instances of a player's vehicle being flipped, glitched, or even fall through the Ferry while travelling. This has been an issue that has been present since it was added into the game, but for some reason, has not yet been fixed by Defaultio.