Fiery Gift of Lumber
Unboxed Boxed
RobloxScreenShot12282015 181304345 Fire Box
Location Was at Wood R Us
Cost $14,400 Money
Type 2015 Christmas Gift
Usage Lava Wood Harvesting
In-game Description
"Cut a little wood, cut a lot of wood. You're a lumber person, and you know how to get the job done."

The Fiery Gift of Lumber was a gift that was sold at Wood R Us for $14,400 Money for the extent of the one week before Christmas. Once a player opens the gift, they will be provided with a boxed Fire Axe

When this axe is used on any species of tree other than Lava Wood, it will provide a rate and speed comparable to that of any "Beginners Axe". This axe is easily capable of completely cutting down even a full-grown Lava Tree within four to six swings.


The exterior of the box has a "fiery" texture, along with a white ribbon. This axe emits an orange-tinted fire effect that is best seen in good lighting conditions. One could use the fire effect from the axe to create a fireplace. This gift has the same size as the 2016 Sweet Gift.

The gift was going to have a different texture which looked like the texture had the bombastic texture, this was later replaced for unknown reasons.


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