Fine Arts Shop
TheBestAndBrightestTimothyDIRTY GRANDPA
Location In The Maze
Music Melodie Victoria - Kevin MacLeod
Specialty Paintings

The Fine Arts Shop is a store found inside The Maze.

The Fine Arts Shop is owned by Timothy.

Currently, the shop only sells three items, named Title Unknown, Disturbed Painting, and the Outdoor Watercolor Sketch. The paintings are used only for decoration.

This is one of the 2 shops that have never had any collectible items for sale, the other being Link's Logic.

It should also be noted this shop sells the cheapest item in the game, the Outdoor Watercolor Sketch.


The Fine Arts Shop interior features a yellow-ish cobblestone floor and grey brick walls, as well as lightbulbs falling from the stone ceiling. The counter is located near the right of the center of the shop. Next to it is a box containing all of the paintings available. Paintings are also placed on the grey brick wall.


It is believed that the purpose of the Fine Arts Shop is to send photo-art to Defaultio and it is possible that he may include your portrait into the Fine Arts Shop for sale.

Paintings For Sale

Item Image Item Name Price
"Title Unknown" $5980 money
Disturbed painting-0
"Disturbed Painting" $2006 money
Outdoor Watercolor Sketch
"Outdoor Watercolor Sketch" $6 money


RobloxScreenShot06132016 191819888-0

"Title Unknown" description


Timothy, the portrait salesman.

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