Please take careful note that Fir Wood and Pine Wood each retain special file properties that establish them as different wood types.

Fir Wood is a variant of wood found in the Taiga Biome. Its appearance is very similar to Palm Wood when milled.


Fir Wood has many characteristics that contrast it from the wood it looks like the most- Pine Wood. Fir Trees appear to grow in a larger quantity throughout the Taiga and they appear to grow much faster compared to Pine. Fir Trees have a much larger quantity of branches than pine, however, the leaves on these branches are much more rectangular and smaller compared to the large, cubical leaves of Pine Wood.

The most distinctive characteristic when identifying and comparing both Taiga species is height. Fully-grown Fir Trees often grow to about half the height of fully-grown Pine trees, and they will usually have the same number of trunk log segments or more.

Notably, on Fir saplings, the initial growth stage of the tree appears to be more likely to sprout a multitude of leaves in contrast to Pine saplings, which usually have one large leaf.


Fir Wood is found exclusively in the Taiga Biome. The player who wishes to obtain this wood through vehicles must first need to clear the blockage of boulders at the Taiga entrance through purchasing Dynamite from Bob's Shack and toggling it near the boulders. The dynamite then explodes, which will trigger a chain reaction in the blockage that clears the Boulders. On that note, due to the function of The Snow Cave, the player may need to bring a second dynamite upon exit of the Taiga.

It is recommended that the player uses a Silver Axe or greater in order to cut these trees as they are generally strong compared to other species; this applies the same to Pine Wood. While vehicular transportation of the wood is recommended, if possible, the player can attempt to slip the logs through gaps in the boulder placement in the Taiga entrance.

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