Type False wood
Location Winter Cabin
Use Visual effects

Firewood is not to be confused with Lava Wood.

Introduced during the Winter Games 2017 Event, Firewood can only be spawned in the Winter Cabin when players deposit a piece of wood (plank or logs) nearby at the Snowglow Bin. The more wood that is deposited in the bin, the more firewood will be created. Once the bin processes the pieces of wood, Firewood will spawn up in the chimney and fall down into the fireplace.


Firewood has different colors depending on the type of wood you used, and all consist of the "Wood" ROBLOX texture. Each piece of firewood emits fire particles, and they give off a faint orange glow. However, Snowglow Firewood is unique as it does not posses a plank texture, it is instead a plain and translucent yellow material.


Firewood is non-interactive, such as Dead Trees. This means that the player cannot grab it, sell it, or save it in their land plot. However, one can move pieces of Firewood around Lumberland using multiple different methods, including the use of loose objects or cars to push them.

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