Firework Launcher
Unboxed Boxed
RocketColours16 Rocket1
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost $7,500 Money
Type Launcher
Usage Launching Fireworks
($20 Money each)
In-game Description
"YES you'd better believfefe it get ready to launch some fireworks!"

The Firework Launcher is a device which when toggled, launches a Firework of varying color. This item was released on June 24, 2017.


The Firework Launcher is a wireable structure of about 2 studs in height and one in depth. When unboxed from its red, plastic container, it can be placed on the player's base. The launcher is grey in color and is textured with the Metal material. It also sports a button for toggling, and a tube for fireworks to spawn in and be launched from.

If there is no firework in the tube, a player must press the button to make it spawn for $20 Money. If the player presses with a firework in the tube, the firework will accelerate in the direction it is pointed for a given amount of time and explode to resemble an actual firework; which is simulated by a fairly loud "boom" audio and spray of particles. The color of the explosion is dependent upon the color of the firework's head.

Using a button or a lever to activate the firework and reload it will take money from the owner of the base, not the player pressing the button or lever.

There is a total of 16 colors for the firework's head (Brown, Really Red, Maroon, Pale, Purple, Red, Darker Pale, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Brick Red, Light Blue, Dark Green, Cyan, Dark Blue and Hot Pink).


Because of the Firework Launcher being released into the game in the 4th of July, many had speculated that it was going to become a limited edition item. However, after it has stayed in the game for a long time, it is now agreed upon that this would be a non-limited event item, like the Icicle Lights.