Floor Lamp
Unboxed Boxed
Floor Lamp Box Floor Lamp
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost $110 Money
Type Furniture
Usage Decoration, Light source
In-game Description
"Make your house homey with this fashionable floor lamp."

The Floor Lamp is a type of furniture that is not to be confused with the Lamp. The Floor Lamp is found at Fancy Furnishings in the Safari Shopping District, in the Safari.

Players can turn on the lamp from a switch that rests upon the pole. Upon being turned on, the Floor Lamp will emit a light that is fairly strong and shines in all directions. Players may turn off the light at will. It can be attached to a Wire and a power source to make a controlled lighting system.


While boxed, it is fairly short and is generally light. It is tall, but not wide. The box is a creamy color with two decals on each side. Unboxed, the Floor Lamp is much taller and wider. The Floor Lamp has a circular stand at the base, a tall pole that the lampshade sits on, and the lampshade itself is made up of a fabric material and is colored dark red.

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