Location The Maze
Apparel Ragged green jacket, grey pants, black shoes.
Speciality Possible owner of Boat Shop
Other Attributes Close to one of the entrances to the Cavecrawler Cavern

Geck is one of 3 characters that can be found within the Maze.

He is modelled after the ROBLOX user Geckoco, with a green jacket, tan khakis, and a bald head. Geckoco, when spoke to, claims to have a "boat store" hidden in the maze, which is a false claim. The claim is likely a joke based off of the frightfully high belief of boats in the playerbase.

Not much else is known about Geck, other than his false claim and his unique positon in the Maze.


He wears a ragged and slightly ripped green jacket, tan khakis, and black shoes. He has a brown beard, with no hair.


Direct Statement:

"I know my boat shop is down here somewhere . . ."

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