This feature cannot be obtained in-game.

Gold Axe
Unboxed Boxed
Gold axe box
Location None
Cost None
Damage 50
Range 6
Swing Cooldown 0.4
In-game Description
"Too OP"

Note: Owning this item could lead to the player's inevitable ban. We highly recommend disregarding the purchase of this or exploiting in any way to obtain one.

The Gold Axe is one of the most illustrious tools for processing wood in the game. This axe had the highest hit damage to trees and was capable of chopping down almost all trees in a single hit due to its 50 damage count. Currently, the only users that were given and permitted to use this axe were personally given by Defaultio, meaning it was restricted from regular users.

The Gold Axe is assumed to have a box of some sort due to the box decal in Defaultio's inventory, However, there is no evidence of its use in-game.


The axe's handle and steel head are completely made out of gold, and the axe's box is colored in brown and has a picture of the axe that says "IT'S GOLD".

Gold Axe chopping

Example of the Gold Axe's ability.

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