Gold Wood is a relatively rare wood type that is located in the Swamp, along with Zombie Wood. Players tend to harvest this wood abundantly, as it is one of the most profitable woods in the game. It is $2 Money more than Lava Wood. However, due to the time-consuming travel to get to the Swamp, most players harvest Lava Wood more instead of Gold Wood.


The tree does not have any leaves; it is commonly assumed that the tree is a dead tree. It grows fairly tall, with branches spreading narrower and narrower, and does not branch three times. For fully-grown trees, there might be little tiny branches.  As they are too small to be processed by sawmills using default settings, players wanting to make these tiny branches into planks must do so using sawmills configured to produce planks with small cross-sections. On most haloween events this tree is commonly mistaken for Spook Wood or Sinister Wood.

Its exterior is that of Pine Wood and Fir Wood, sporting a greyish-brown color. However, it is named Gold Wood because its interior coloration is colored bright gold.

It is noted that trees spawning within the Swamp have a large fluctuation, making trees larger among others.


To harvest the wood, the player must equip a Silver Axe or better to chop it. It is recommended to use a Fair Sawmill, as its input hole is large enough for small branches to be milled, however, its base requires a Sawmax 01 or better, as the Fair Sawmill is usually not big enough.

The Rock Bridge is the most recommended method to get to its spawning location, the Swamp. A thorough guide will be introduced here. You need to use TNT though. The Safari Mountain Passage can also be used to enter to Swamp and drop off the wood, but a more efficient method is through using long planks to make bridges to the Swamp.

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