Green Box
Type Featured Object
Location End of Lava Cavern; Beneath Underground Grove
Swimmey Texture - Kevin MacLeod
Wood Types None
Max Trees Unknown

The Green Box is a hidden and mysterious object at the end of the Lava Cavern and beneath the Underground Grove, found in the Volcano Obstacle.

The box spins and emits green sparkles, it has no texture and it resides at the end of the Lava Cavern. It should also be noted that the box is not really green but rather white, and the ambiance is making the box look green

The box, when immediately touched, states "Your success has been noted." but does nothing else. Defaultio himself hasn't stated what the specific purpose and many have been discussing what the box is for. One of the most popular theories is that it is used as bait to reveal hackers/exploiters, however, this is not confirmed. The box may reveal its secret in the future and may have something to do with.

The Note When First Touched

Accessing the Box

There are three known ways to access the Green Box. Two require teamwork, and one is solo, but can be done with a partner. Either way, you slice it, they are extremely hard and require massive amounts of effort, and patience. Some have even given up on obtaining or getting inside this feature and have discarded the idea of it even being possible.

Lava Cavern Pathway:

This pathway is widely known because of it being shown in the Volcano Obstacle, against the wall a tiny path leading down into an area. This leads directly to the box, however, pits of lava will stop you in your tracks. To get past these pits, you need long planks. Some use Elm Wood with a Sawmax and put it on a low setting (the recommended is 1.6 x 0.4, but you can go higher. It's dependent).

Roblox - Lumber Tycoon 2 - Volcano Parkour 5 (live on twitch)31:13

Roblox - Lumber Tycoon 2 - Volcano Parkour 5 (live on twitch)

Once you have a plank, drive into the area where the path is (you cannot bring your car/truck down there), and bring the plank with you. You must act quickly because your health is draining! Only 1 plank can be done at a time.

It may take 5 planks approximately to get across, depending if you dropped any.

Boulder Cave Pathway:

This pathway was just discovered recently by two anonymous users who pushed themselves through the Boulder Cave. This option isn't really recommended unless you tried the first option first because it's very complicated. In order to go this way, you must first enter into the Underground Grove. Once you've gotten inside, you must get to the wall that has the green box, which is usually the wall right next to the big pit of lava. Once you've gotten above that wall, through glitches or with another person, you can continue on the path shown in the picture to the right. Your health still drains here, but not as much, so still act quickly. Take the left-hand side of the wall, and jump across to the right (you can see it in the picture). Once you jump across, go around into the crawlspace and jump down the hole in the wall, and then you've made it to the box.

[NOTE: This pathway was attempted to be fixed by Defaultio by placing a wall over the roof of the Green Box. However, the attempt backfired, as there was still a tiny crevice that wasn't patched, making the Green Box still accessible through this pathway. Therefore, this method is not patched.]

Lumber Tycoon 2- Green Box Path04:25

Lumber Tycoon 2- Green Box Path

Mad Games Glitch Method:

This method is similar to the Underground Grove method. However, instead of going through the boulder cave, you wall glitch through the front face of the volcano. The great thing about this method is that it is possible to solo it. (solo)

There is also the teamwork way to do this, it's basically the same, but instead of doing the log ladder, you stand on one log, your partner stands on another, and you both pick up the log from under each other's feet.

Missing Box


Missing Green Box, possibly broken server.

On occasions, the Green Box will go missing. This is due to a Volcano Script Error, also called VSE, and the Green Box automatically disappears if any script breaks. This doesn't only mean that if the health doesn't drain it's broken; any script that breaks, also if a server lags exponentially, it will also disappear.

Latest Confirmation of 7/14/16, see here.

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