Grey Wood
Grey Wood
Type Glitched Blueprint
Location Only as Blueprints.
Use Decoration

Grey Wood, also known as Glitch Wood, is a type of wood that was unintentionally created by several means prior to being removed. It is unknown to many players how exactly it got into the game because this wood is the only wood that doesn't grow and doesn't have any logs/planks.


This wood is grey due to the fact that the default brick color on Roblox is this exact shade of grey and it hasn't been assigned a wood type. It was first created by an exploiter (who will remain unnamed for the sake of privacy). This exploiter used a program which would fill blueprints with a specific filename, and when no filename was assigned, Grey Wood was created. There used to be extremely few blueprints. But due to rapid duplication in the community, it became very common.

Grey Wood is very uncommon now but is still on some player's bases. In the January 5th update, Defaultio stated that he has fixed the grey wood exploit, but it is still out there as exploiters can still spawn grey wood.

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