2015 Halloween Event

The 2015 Halloween Event added a new item, called the Pumpkin, which was available in Bob's Shack for $360 Money. This event also included the addition of Spook and Sinister Wood,which rarely spawns in game during the event. These items still remain valuable, even after years of circulation in the community market.

2016 Halloween Event

The 2016 Halloween Event added very many new features to the game. Three new items, called the Dark Pumpkin (a darker retexture of the Eerie Pumpkin), Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye (the most expensive and the smallest item in game) and the End Times Axe (an axe that can be obtained by completing the Rukiryaxe quest during the 2016 Halloween Event) were added. The 2016 Halloween Event also introduced the End Times Biome, a new biome that sprouts the valuable Phantom Wood, which can only be cut by the newly introduced End Times Axe. Alongside with these additions, Spook and Sinister Wood makes a return, and intense fog, rusty walls of stores, leaves were removed from trees, and grey water was added to add more depth to the event.


2017 Halloween Event

The 2017 Halloween Event reintroduced the dark theme, the End Times Axe, and Spook and Sinister Wood. However, a new geographical feature, called the Lost Cave, was added. The dark cave system can be found near the Taiga Entrance including two new characters - the Skeleton, found at the end of one cavern, and the Strange Man, at the end of another. The Strange Man will grant the player the ability to fill any blueprint with one cubic Unit of any wood, with a very costly price of $10,009,000 Money. Also, similarly to the two previous years, October started off with a new pumpkin, the Strange Pumpkin. On that day, in Merely's booth, a YouTube video ID to a teaser trailer of Defaultio's upcoming game was also written on a poster, replacing the text "FOLLOW THE EAGLE".