Happy Red Gift of Fun
Unboxed Boxed
Numberbal Boxed red ball
Location Was at Fancy Furnishings
Cost Was $500 Money
Avg User Price Unknown
Type 2015 Gift
Usage Personal usage.
In-game Description
"Everybody just wants to have fun!"

The Happy Red Gift of Fun was one of the four 2015 Christmas gifts. It was sold at Fancy Furnishings for $500 Money for the whole week before Christmas Day.

The gift can no longer be bought, and can only be bought from other players. The recommended price for buying the gift boxed is around $7k - $14k Money.


This present is covered with red and pink polka-dots. It also has a light red bow on top. It contains a boxed Red Ball inside of it. The balls have serial numbers on them, in order of when your gift was opened. For example, if a player has the number 50, then they are the 50th person to open the box with the ball.

The numbered balls contained within this item are sought after when they contain rare or unlikely numbers. Numbers include low numbers, multiples of a thousand, repeating digit numbers, and other numbers such as 1337 (eleet) or 3141(numerical pi).

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