Hardened Axe
Unboxed Boxed
Hardened Axe Slam
RobloxScreenShot12192015 124145714
Location Wood R Us
Cost $550 Money
Damage 1.45
Range 8 Units
Swing Cooldown 0.65 Seconds
In-game Description
"This axe has carried the greats through the harshest of winters, and it can carry you to your dreams"

The Hardened Axe is an axe purchasable from the Wood R Us store. This axe is good for obtaining Palm Wood and Lava Wood because of its fairly good damage and its cheap price for obtaining these risky wood types.

Interestingly, this axe is often used as a "disposable" when venturing to dangerous or unforgiving locations and situations, similarly to the Steel Axe.


Its steel is bright and its handle is vibrant, with a cyan-colored strap. Its box has a dull-green color, with the picture of the Hardened Axe.


To obtain the Hardened Axe, you must go to the Wood R Us store near the spawning area, and ensure that you have 550 Money. Then, proceed to the nearest wooden shelves, where you can find a dull-green colored box and the picture of the Hardened Axe. Grab (Left click and hold) it, then drag it onto the counter, next to the entrance.

Once the text-box has disappeared, open the box by pressing "E" on it (note that you should stay near the box to open it), and press "E" again to place it in your inventory.

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